Stacker Doors Brisbane

Upgrade your living space with Gallagher Bros’ aluminium stacker doors, a perfect blend of style, security, and energy efficiency for your Brisbane home. Our range of stacker doors, available in custom sizes and a variety of colours, are designed to complement the Australian lifestyle.

Benefits of Upgrading to Aluminium Stacker Doors

Aluminium stacker doors are versatile and feature multiple sliding panels, making them ideal for various opening sizes. They are user-friendly, cost-effective, and can be installed with a range of screening and locking options. Stacker doors are perfect for expanding indoor to outside spaces, providing abundant air flow and easy access, with other advantages like:

  • Enhanced Spatial Design: ideal for backyards and entertaining areas
  • Strong, secure, aluminium stacking door frames for peace of mind
  • Energy-Savings: insulation features like tinted glass – maintain cooling and reduce your energy bills
  • Flexible Panel Configurations: There are multiple panel layout options to suit any size opening, all with secure aluminium frames
  • Low Maintenance and less repairs, catering to busy lifestyles
  • Included Installation Service: perfect for home renovations
  • Competitive Pricing and custom options, suitable for any home.

Choose Gallagher Bros for quality-made stacker doors that will upgrade any interior space. Contact us for any questions about installing these stylish stacking doors and discover new possibilities for your home.

Gallagher Brother’s Aluminium Stacker Door Features


Stacker Door Configurations

Like traditional sliding doors, our stacking doors can be installed in various configurations, including fixed, corner, and multi-panel arrangements, tailored to the architectural requirements and size of your door opening.

Screening Options

We offer all types of flyscreens and security screens, including Crimsafe screens, for added protection from insects and home safety.

Lock Options

Our range includes doors with ergonomic handles, equipped with secure lock and key systems that adhere to the latest building codes and fire safety standards.

Glass and Tint Options

Choose from our variety of custom glass types! We stock; tinted, obscured, frosted, textured, and safety glass, to match existing windows and doors or add privacy to entertaining spaces.

Why Choose Gallagher Brothers Aluminium Stacker Doors?

In Brisbane’s warm climate, where serene breezes meet urban living, Gallagher Brothers Aluminium stacker doors can be just the trick to take your dated sliding doors to the next level.
These doors not only facilitate a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces but also withstand Brisbane’s varied weather conditions. If you’re looking at getting an aluminium sliding door, choosing a stacking door configuration can help establish a breezy and stylish main entrance to your outside space.

  • Stylish Design: Our range includes a variety of aluminium stacking doors, perfect for opening up a smaller space that might be closed off by traditional glass sliding door options.
  • Maximise Natural Light & Space: Create an expansive feel in your living area with doors that connect you seamlessly to the outdoors.
  • Energy Efficiency: Features like tinted glass minimises heat transfer, aiding in energy conservation.
  • Robust & Secure: Our strong aluminium sliding door frames and panel configuration ensure the best in durability and security.
  • Customisable: Available in different colours and styles to match your home’s design.
  • Professional Installation: We offer quick and efficient installation with minimal disruption to your daily routine.
  • Increase in Property Value: A smart investment that enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of your home.

Gallagher Bros stacking doors are a great solution for those with sliding doors or wider double door frames. If you’re ready to create the ultimate space, contact our team today! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aluminium stacker doors are a great choice for enhancing natural light and air flow in your home. Opt for tinted glass options for superior insulation, keeping your space cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and improving energy efficiency.

The cost for a typical stacking door installation varies based on your specific needs and preferences. Our range includes diverse panel configurations, glass and glazing options. Contact Gallagher Bros today to speak to our team about a customised quote that aligns with your home’s unique style and requirements.

Installation of our windows and doors requires precision and expertise. Gallagher Bros provides professional installation services, ensuring each door fits its frame perfectly. We manage the entire process, ensuring seamless operation and alignment with your home’s design.

A stacking door configuration means professional handling is crucial to minimise damage and ensure structural integrity. The removal involves carefully detaching the sliding doors from their track and safely managing the glass panels. Our team handles this process, ensuring a hassle-free experience no matter your home’s aesthetic and functional needs.