Our Door Cut-Down Projects

Replacing A Window With Sliding Glass Door

To replace a window with a door is an option selected by homeowners for a multitude of reasons, but the main 3 advantages are, improving access between the living spaces and the outdoor area or patio, increasing the natural lighting in a room, and increasing ventilation in a room or area. Areas that commonly get the windows replaced with a door are the bedroom and garage.

In this case, our client contacted us to replace the windows with sliding glass doors to two of their bedrooms creating better access to their outdoor areas and avoiding unnecessary trekking through the common areas of the home.

Our window and door installation specialists replaced their windows with our high-quality sliding aluminium doors and fitted them with Crimsafe security door screening. Since we understand no one wants a hole in their house overnight, we removed the windows and the brickwork over just one day creating space to install the new doors.

Before We Replaced The Window With Sliding Doors

The Outcome Of Replacing The Windows With New Aluminium Sliding Doors

At Gallagher Brothers Aluminium, we will do our best to colour match your new doors to existing windows for a consistent aesthetic. Our client originally had a cream-coloured window frame which we were able to match creating a non-intrusive and pleasing look to the home.

The bedrooms now have more light and air-flow with the new sliding doors, which can be safely left open on Brisbane’s hot steamy nights catching any breezes. Additionally, their access to their rooms has been enhanced by creating private entrances for them avoiding the possibility of disturbing the rest of the household.

After We Replaced The Window With Sliding Doors

What The Client Had To Say

“I was impressed by the quality of the workmanship carried out by Gallagher Brothers Aluminium, and would be happy to recommend them to anybody considering anything to do with aluminium window and door replacement. They have made my daughters’ home much more liveable for a reasonable price, and added to the value of their investment.

“The whole project was completed in one day, and they cleaned up and left the site neat and tidy – one advantage to doing this was that the girls’ rooms now have more light and ventilation.”

If you want to replace a window with a door in your home, contact us today to get a quote. Find more information about our door replacement & installation services here.