Our Patio Enclosure Projects

Enclosing A Verandah With Glass

While we may love the great outdoors, sometimes we need protection from the elements and insect pests. Our client came to us asking for a window installation solution for their verandah. At the time, the client was concerned about their verandah being under-utilised because it was too exposed to the elements – although it did enjoy a beautiful view over a steep bush gully.

Since their verandah area was too large for conventional windows, the Gallagher Bros team advised the owners to install window units – full height glass to take in the view, with sliding windows to the top, and fixed laminated glass to the bottom panels for safety.

The window unit allowed our clients to enjoy their view to the fullest and safely as well as help transform their previously unusable verandah into a stylish dining area with an unbeatable view, combined with plenty of light and ventilation.

Their new patio enclosure has allowed the owners of this home to fully enjoy their verandah while being protected from wind-driven rain and biting insects.

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