Double Hung Windows Brisbane

Upgrade your Brisbane home with Gallagher Bros’ aluminium double hung windows, combining traditional elegance with modern practicality. These windows, featuring tinted glass, enhance both security and style.

Available in various colours and configurations, they suit Australia’s varied climate, promoting cool air flow and natural light. Choose these effortless-to-open, beautifully designed double hung windows to add comfort and visual appeal to your living space.

Benefits of Switching to Aluminium Double Hung Windows

Gallagher Bros’
aluminium double hung windows are ideal for Brisbane homes, offering versatility and charm. Perfect for varied spaces like bathrooms, they provide privacy with frosted glass while allowing optimal air flow through adjustable panels. They offer:

  • Optimal for tall, narrow spaces.
  • Adjustable panels for privacy and ventilation.
  • Versatile for various room types, especially bathrooms.

Their low maintenance, durable aluminium frame ensures a long-lasting finish. Available in a range of colours and configurations, these windows blend seamlessly with any home style, making them a practical, stunning solution. For custom solutions and installation service, contact Gallagher Bros today.

Gallagher Brother’s Aluminium Double Hung Windows Features


Window Configurations

Gallagher Bros’ double hung windows are expertly crafted for tall, narrow openings, featuring two vertically sliding panels for adaptable air circulation and ample natural light. These aluminium double hung windows, designed for ease of use, blend functionality with style seamlessly.

Their multifunctional design makes them a suitable and elegant solution for a variety of home settings, enhancing both the practicality and aesthetic of any room.

Glass and Tint Options

Choose from a range of glass types, including tinted, frosted, textured, and safety glass. These options are especially beneficial for areas requiring privacy, like bathrooms. Our glass solutions in double hung windows not only enhance privacy but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal and durability of your home, making them versatile enough for any room.

Screening Options

We offer installation for a range of flyscreens and security screens, including Crimsafe, to enhance your double hung windows. These screens keep insects out and provide added safety while maintaining air flow and lighting.

Why Choose Gallagher Brothers Aluminium Double Hung Windows?

Gallagher Bros’
aluminium double hung windows are the perfect match for Brisbane‘s unique climate. They offer a harmonious blend of functionality and style, tailored to withstand diverse weather conditions.

  • Durable & Secure: Constructed with robust aluminium frames for enhanced security and longevity.
  • Customisable: Tailor these windows to your home‘s aesthetic, with a range of colours and configurations.
  • Efficient Installation: Our team ensures a quick, professional installation process with minimal disruption to your daily life.
  • Airflow & Light: Designed to maximise cool air and natural light, enhancing the comfort of your home.

These windows are a practical way to add practicality and elegance to your living space. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Double hung windows, a timeless design choice, feature two sashes that slide vertically, allowing for enhanced air circulation and natural light. Ideal for various Australian homes, our aluminium double hung windows combine stylish aesthetics with practical functionality, offering both traditional charm and modern efficiency.

The key difference lies in their operation: single hung windows have a fixed top sash, while double hung windows allow both the top and bottom sashes to slide, providing greater airflow and easier cleaning options.

Double hung windows offer superior ventilation, with the ability to adjust both sashes for optimal airflow and cool air circulation. Their timeless design suits both classic and contemporary homes, and with our range of glazing options, they provide enhanced energy efficiency and comfort.

Absolutely. Our aluminium double hung windows, with options for tinted glass, ensure excellent insulation, keeping your home comfortable year-round. They’re a smart choice for energy efficiency and durability, tailored to suit your specific needs and style.

The cost varies based on factors like size, glazing options, and customisations. Contact Gallagher Bros for a tailored quote, considering your home’s unique style and renovation requirements.

Installing a double hung window requires precision. Our team expertly manages installation, ensuring each window is perfectly fitted to your home’s configurations, adding both elegance and practicality to your space.