Enhance your living space with Gallagher Bros’ aluminium sliding doors, bringing a blend of style, security, and energy efficiency to your home.

Our sliding doors, available in custom sizes and a range of colours, are perfectly suited to the Australian lifestyle.

Benefits of Switching to Aluminium Sliding Doors

glass sliding doors can have multiple possible configurations. Ideally suited to almost any opening size they are easy to use and cost effective. We can supply all types of screening and a number of different lock options. Glass sliding doors are ideal for converting a garage into living space. They give you plenty of natural light and breeze, as well as easy access in and out, with key benefits like:

  • Increased natural light and a seamless connection to the outdoors, perfect for most backyards.
  • Durable and secure aluminium frames, offering peace of mind.
  • Energy-efficient design, with options like tinted glass, reducing energy bills.
  • Versatile configurations, from stacker doors to a wide range of screen options, that suit any room style.
  • Low maintenance requirements, ideal for busy Australian households.
  • Competitive pricing and custom specifications, ensuring a practical and inviting upgrade to any house.

Choose Gallagher Bros for a sleek, secure, and practical solution to transform your interior space. Contact us to install these sturdy, stylish doors and enjoy the possibilities they bring to your home.

Gallagher Brother’s Aluminium Sliding Door Features


Sliding Door Configurations

Our Sliding Doors can be installed in a variety of configurations, for almost any size opening.

Screening Options

For added protection and safety, we can install all types of flyscreens and security screens, as well as genuine Crimsafe screens.

Lock Options

We install a wide range of doors with pull-style handles, each equipped with lock and key options and meeting the latest building code and fire safety standards.

Glass and Tint Options

We have a range of glass types that we offer. Depending on your needs we can use tinted glass, obscured and frosted glass, textured glass and of course safety glass.

Why Choose Gallagher Brothers Aluminium Sliding Doors?

Brisbane‘s unique climate, where balmy air meets bustling city life, Gallagher Brothers Aluminium Sliding Doors are the perfect fusion of functionality and elegance. These doors not only enhance the flow of natural light and air but also stand resilient against the heat, rain, hail and wind during storm seasons.

  • Sleek Design: Choose from a range of stylish aluminium sliding doors.
  • Natural Light & Space: Open up your living area with transparent doors that connect you to the outdoors.
  • Energy Efficiency: Options like  tinted glass reduce heat transfer, saving on energy bills.
  • Durable & Secure: Sturdy aluminium frames provide long-lasting security.
  • Customisable: Available in various colours and configurations to suit your home.
  • Efficient Installation: Quick, professional installation with minimal disruption.
  • Enhanced Home Value: A smart investment that improves both aesthetics and functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Installing aluminium sliding doors comes with a range of benefits for your home, especially when it comes to insulation, and conserving energy when keeping your home cool in the summer or warm during winter.

If temperature control is an important consideration for your home improvements, tinted glass sliding doors can ensure you have the most efficient installation for your home.

The cost of installing a sliding door varies based on your specific needs and preferences. Our range includes external sliding doors and multiple panel options. We suggest contacting Gallagher Bros for a tailored quote that considers your unique requirements and the distinctive style of your home.

Installation of glass sliding doors requires precision and expertise. Gallagher Bros offers professional installation services, ensuring that every door fits perfectly and functions seamlessly. We manage the entire process, providing peace of mind and avoiding the need for multiple contractors.

Removal involves detaching the door from its track and safely handling the glass panels. Our team at Gallagher Bros manages this process, providing a hassle-free experience and ensuring your new sliding doors align seamlessly with your home’s style and requirements.