Our Window Replacement Projects

The downstairs area of these clients’ home was not a welcoming space. With old obscure glass windows, one with an air-conditioning unit, the area lacked light and ventilation. This was where they came to use the computer, sew and follow their various hobbies, so they decided to replace the windows with modern aluminium sliding windows complemented by amplimesh screens for security.

“We really prefer to deal with small businesses which offer personal service, preferably a family business” said the female partner, “so we organised a quote with Gallagher Brothers.”

The outcome

While the new replacement windows have brought more light and ventilation into the room, making it a far more pleasant place to be, the exterior of the home has also benefitted from the bright new white aluminium windows. Slick to operate, with a smooth and easy sliding action, the new windows combine practicality with good looks. And the owners love the finished job.

What the client had to say

“We were impressed, not only with the workmanship the brothers brought to the job, but particularly with the respect with which they treated our home and our possessions. They were professional in all their dealings with us, and when the job was completed, they cleaned up the area and took away the old windows for us. All we had to do was start enjoying using the room again!”


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This block of units has benefited from a simple replacement of louvres with sliding windows – from a rather old fashioned look to a sleek new image in just a couple of hours.

The louvres in the ground floor garages were difficult to operate and clean, and had become a target for vandals as they were not very secure. We colour matched the frames of the new aluminium sliders to existing windows and the bricks to achieve a cohesive effect, and by using toughened, frosted glass, the new windows deliver privacy and security to the property.

If you have a window you would like to be replaced in your home, contact us today for a quote. Hear more about our window replacement process here.