Elevate your Brisbane home with Gallagher Bros’ aluminium sliding windows, blending sleek design with functional efficiency. These windows feature stainless steel ball bearing rollers, for smooth operation and are available in a colour to compliment your home.

They’re perfect for embracing Queensland’s climate, allowing for maximum airflow and natural light. Upgrading to our aluminium sliding doors? Why not make it a matching set with our easy-to-slide aluminium window frames?

Benefits of Upgrading to Aluminium Sliding Windows

Gallagher Bros’ aluminium sliding windows are a fantastic choice for any Brisbane home, offering a sleek design with everyday functionality. Ideal for spaces requiring easy access to fresh air, they enable ventilation while maintaining security with their durable design. They offer:

  • Easy operation in any space.
  • Space-saving design without the need for swinging window panes.
  • Perfect for various room types, including kitchens and living areas.

Their low-maintenance, durable aluminium frame guarantees a lasting aesthetic. With a selection of colours and sizes, these windows integrate flawlessly with any architectural style, presenting a practical yet attractive solution. For bespoke solutions and installation services, contact Gallagher Bros today!

Gallagher Brother’s Aluminium Sliding Window Features


Window Configurations

Gallagher Bros’ sliding windows are precision-engineered for both wide and narrow openings, featuring horizontal sliding panels for flexible ventilation and abundant natural light. Designed to be convenient to operate, these aluminium sliding windows are perfect for either a home renovation or a brand new build.

Glass and Tint Options

Select from our assortment of glass types, including tinted, frosted, textured, and safety glass. These options cater well to areas requiring privacy, like bathrooms and bedrooms. Our glass solutions in sliding windows not only promote privacy but also contribute to the home‘s aesthetic and durability, making them the perfect upgrade to any room.

Screening Options

We offer installation services for a range of flyscreens and security screens, complementing your sliding windows. These screens are effective at keeping insects out while providing extra safety and maintaining airflow and natural light.

Lock and Handle Options

Gallagher Bros provides various lock and handle configurations for sliding windows, adhering to the latest safety standards. These features ensure your windows are secure and complement their sleek design.

Aluminium windows brisbane

Why Choose Gallagher Brothers Aluminium Sliding Windows?

Gallagher Bros’ aluminium sliding windows are perfect for Brisbane’s humid climate, delivering a perfect mix of practicality and modern aesthetics, designed to endure adverse weather conditions.

  • Durable & Secure: Built with strong aluminium frames for security and longevity.
  • Customisable: Adapt these windows to your home‘s look, choosing from our range of styles, colours, sizes and heights that suit your space.
  • Efficient Installation: Our professional team guarantees a swift, hassle-free installation process with little to no disruption to your routine.
  • Enhanced Airflow & Light: Crafted to maximise fresh air and sunlight, improving your home‘s comfort.

Upgrading to aluminium sliding windows is a great value add to any house or property, especially older established dwellings that could still be utilising older timber casement frames that can suffer from warping, termites and weather damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sliding windows are known for their horizontal movement, allowing for controlled ventilation and an abundance of natural light. Our aluminium sliding windows combine sleek aesthetics with functionality, making them ideal for a variety of Australian homes. They are especially practical as they are designed to be easy to operate, with rollers featuring stainless steel ball bearings that ensure smooth operation for years.

Sliding windows are a great upgrade for those looking to update their homes. They provide significant airflow and lighting due to their horizontal operation and are commonly used to replace timber casement windows. With our on-site window installation services, we ensure your new windows perfectly fit the size and height requirements of your space.

Definitely. Our aluminium sliding windows, in comparison to traditional wooden frames, provide excellent insulation, keeping your home snug all winter long. They work great for enhancing the energy efficiency of a space by reducing your reliance on air conditioning and fans.

The price depends on factors such as dimensions like size, height, glass choices, and additional features like regular screening or crimsafe. Reach out to Gallagher Bros for a personalised quote that meets the budget and needs of your home.

Installation of a sliding window calls for professional expertise. The team at Gallagher Bros manages the installation process, ensuring each window fits precisely with your home‘s specifications, enhancing both its functionality and style.